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earth » Black Hole Samain

Black Hole Samain

Limited edition of 50 copies (CD-R)
20 (very limited special edition for sale)
only available during November 2022


Thank you for your support! Thanks to you BLACK HOLE SAMAIN is now fully released.

All info below:


After releasing Nino Sables debut album sedate ⊚ seduce back in spring, I took some time off.
I wrote down old stories which were never to be released, did some digital art, travelled and visited friends… but then, one day in august I knew I had to return to my musical path again and produce something.
I wanted to create something unconventional – and absolutely natural. Far from rules and laws established by the music industry and theory. Far away from the „what do I think my people would like to hear…”.
As the music slowly appeared, it started to deliver a very unique and raw image of mine.
I decided that the entire “black hole samain experience“ had to become an unconventional, limited and personal piece of art. Something meant for my friends and a handful of loyal supporters.

At least for now, I decided that I will not offer „black hole samain“ for neither download nor streaming. I also came to the conclusion that I don’t want to produce any large amount of CDs in order to sell them the way I used to.

This time, my idea was to offer only a very limited number of unique copies (total: 20!) for sale.
Those few people who buy the album will be free to copy it all and distribute the music among their friends – just like in the good old days.

To create this album as a true piece of art, I decided to dedicate a lot of love to its design* as well.

Black Hole Samain

The first question I am usually asked about BHS is: ‚What does Black Hole Samain mean?‘ (<- check the links!).
Beside of what’s written on Wiki, to me, „Black Hole Samain“ represents the celebration of the beginning and end of everything, in the shadows and light of a nature divine.


In my regular workflow, I don’t stick to presets, but as I wanted to break free from the chains of the past and experience music creation in a different way, I opted for defining a limited set of virtual instruments and worked with them on every single track.

Using fl studio, I wrote and produced all the tracks on my own in my home recording studio. I mainly used tone2 and toontrack plugins and lots of reverb and delay.
Here is a screenshot of my DAW during mastering.

I used some parts of „church of no belief“ (nino sable sedate ⊚ seduce) in one track and you’ll also find some field recordings done by Sudlice and Annika (using an izotope spire) in the woods near by Kutná Hora in September 2022.


The album „black hole samain“ contains 9 tracks.

The original titles of the tracks are:

  • 01) im fluss der quelle des nichts*
  • 02) daemon in der sonne
  • 03) der totenbaum am ende der galaxie (terramortis)*
  • 04) der wald in dorsten traegt meinen namen
  • 05) fahrrad fahren durch die stadt im sonnenschein
  • 06) am morgen danach ist es immer noch dunkel
  • 07) transatlantische besenrutsche*
  • 08) palisadenstern des konkludenten denkens
  • 09) gravitationsspirale am abgrund

On CD, this tracks are bundled into one audio track with the total runtime of 41:41:41 (mm:ss:ms).

*On August, 14th 2022 I uploaded a soundfile containing tracks 03,07 and 01, for pre-listening to bandcamp.

If you want to get an impression about how the album sounds, please press play. Keep in mind that this is just a 14 minutes excerpt of the whole album.


All lyrics just appeared. I did not made any corrections or reflections.
On a first step I produced the whole song and in a second one I wrote down what the song told me to convert into words.
It wasn’t my intention to use my well known voice all over the tracks – but for some reason I had to add some here and there.

Here are the lyrics for the whole album:

a cosmic game
through the leaves of time
suffering – still breathing

on a hollow earth
through time and space
floating – still breathing

A word from below hides the key to my golden tomb
A spell, a spell, your spell!

in endless nights
I screamed your name
and I wonder where you are now

we’ve been here before
we’ve been here together
I can feel you, but I can’t see you now

send me a sign,
before I melt your shadow
deep inside I feel – it is time to let go
But in my old grave
I scream a song
I call you – to dance again

on our funeral, in the eternal fall, we celebrate the kiss of death
on our funeral, in the eternal fall, we celebrate the joy of death

I wanted to scratch the surface
and so I planted new ground
and I praised the wrong god
the priest of the bomb

In a mechanical surgery
I react, contract, bleed and defeat
a new messiah
a new messiah

nach grauen jahren,
wage ich es mir einzubilden,
dass der regen endlich fort ist.

the rain is gone


First of all, I wanted to create an art-album I could fabricate completely on my own and at home, making the best possible use of all the tools at my disposal.

The Front cover

was designed in a way so you can easily put the digipak up for “exhibition” while the music is being played.
I used my Silhouette Cameo plotter to cut the vinyl logo of „black hole samain“. The cuts were done in (matte) black, (glossy) blood-red, purple, light blue, dark green and gold vinyl.


At the top you’ll find one of 50 different 2×3 inch photographs which were taken, selected and printed by me, using zinq paper with an hp sprocket printer.
Below the photo, you’ll find an area with the unique limited edition number:

Inlay Design of black hole samain digifile

All used photos can be found here:

Want to find out even more about some of the pictures used?

On the bottom you’ll find a home printed CD-R including the music.


In Adobe Illustrator, I designed the black hole samain logo based on the font (DK blackminster regular).
As I Iately had taken some intense discovery trips into multimedia arts, I converted the vector-based logo into a 3D-object in Adobe Dimension.
I don’t know if I will ever use this content, but If you want to have a look – it’s here:

If you are into 3D, feel free to download the following package containing all 3D files you need to „create something“. (Let me know!)
https://ninosable.de/backstage/BHS2022_3D.zip (1,28 mb)


After the mastering of the album, I decided to have a look at how the music „looks like“ using the spectrogram visualization function available in foobar2000. The result was so amazing, that I decided to record it from screen. After that I did a one shot performance of how I feel the music and made a video out of it using davinci resolve (…figuring out how to embed and animate 3D elements was a torture).
The audio track used in the video difers from the one used on the limited CD Version!

The result can be seen here:

Tote bag

I love bags! I can’t think of any better piece of merch to come with this album than tote bags. The tote bag was designed by me and printed by my good friend from AVANTEHERMETICO (Barcelona).
It is available in two (random) colors (pastel/black with a black/white print).

Every album comes with a tote bag.
Here you can preview what the pastel one will look like: